Review: lululemon athletica: Run:Endorphin Short (men’s)

First and Foremost, I am do not look like the average “runner.”  OK, maybe the “average” but definitely not “elite.”  I am 6’1ish, 185lbs, and I am fairly thick (I do like to lift weights, ha).  With that being said, the hardest thing for me to do is find shorts that are perfect for running.  The biggest problem for me, the length.  I love the lightweight feeling of splits, but I feel sorry for everyone else of the trail that has to look at me.  That is why I tend to go towards the longer running shorts (my Current long short: lululemon athletica Run:Response), just for the sake of the viewing public.

The Run: Endorphin short, from lululemon athletica, is not only a nice 3.5-4in running “short” short, but it has some form, which keeps it in place while running, even on “bulkier” runners (a.k.a. myself).  The short also has a nice built in brief liner that is fairly supportive, and is made of crushed crab shells, which makes it a natural deodorant.  I also do myself (and everyone else) the favor of wearing compression shorts underneath them (compression shorts, or just spandex in general, is probably the best thing every runner could do for themselves), which makes their movement almost unnoticeable while on the run.

Since I have taken them on two runs, both my long runs (8.25 and 9.5 miles), I can honestly say they can deal with the sweat of a mid-day distance run, and feel great during a sunset run as well.  They feel light, non-restrictive (but not baggy), and just give you the subtle reminder that you ARE indeed wearing shorts.

My one complaint, which is more of a problem with shorts less than 5in on me across the board, is that they seem to creep up during the run.  Unlike all the other “short” shorts I have tried, the RUN:Endorphins only crept up in the inner thigh area, whereas on most other shorts, their is an “underwear effect” on the outside of the thigh as well.

Overall, I really like these shorts.  Great for long runs, and stay dry.  The most important factor in any runners wardrobe.

Price: $48.  Quality: Excellent     Fit: Fitted, but not too tight.    Best suited for: Running, Cross training.


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